Trust Me it Ends Well, Most of the Time!

Published on 24 June 2023 at 11:14

The power of purpose will take you out of your comfort zone. The motivation to get me moving was a sip of water and a cough. Before I knew it, I was homeless, caught up in a pandemic and headed to a state where I knew no one, but by faith, there was purpose in that sip of water.

I have found that fear has taken me places I would have never gone on my own by plan. Most of the things I have had to do in life were motivated by fear. I know it sounds terrible, but most of the time we as human beings tend to conjure up a more dire scenario and outcome to a situation that we have not visited yet.

From my experience I will say that 80% of the time, my anxieties and fears were just an over analyzation of what had not yet occurred. What does that leave us with in the end, honestly, just a self-examination of what was all that fuss about?

I think sometimes, we must take a leap and trust that we have lived just a little bit enough to stop making our journey and stepping states in life a horror film experience. By faith, just chill, sight see and enjoy the ride.

It’s guaranteed if you don’t give up, you may grow and learn not to fret.  

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