It's a Basket Case ~ Love

Published on 24 June 2023 at 11:22

Our being has always been uniquely designed in such a way that in our journey through this life, what we acquire in thought and how we convey that in our way of living either helps elevate humanity or help tear it apart. In my past up until here, where I get to leave this piece of me through my writing, I would like to help elevate and encourage the peace of mind that comes from what I dare to choose and what I dare leave behind.

Through the harshest seasons in life, I still find that I can choose to be joyful and peaceful and in the love that we can bear towards one another is to keep learning love, especially when we find it difficult. Learn love until you master it and then teach it so that it can be continuously shared. When we love our neighbor we produce the peace that we want to surround us and keep us motivated and grounded even at moments when life gets the best of us.

Why do we forfeit the "true" love experience? Some of us have abandoned love, because it hurt and wounded us, yet, had we taken into account that possibly we had not mastered true love, and were wounded by the counterfeit?  Has no one pondered such a thing? I love being loved, and even when I can't understand fully what it is, I still desire it, I desire the Creator of it, His essence and its transforming touch that leaves me breathless and wanting more. I won't quit seeking out love just yet. I will continue to fall into it, and fall out of it, until it has been learned in me and mastered!

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