Published on 31 October 2023 at 18:32

Praying in Jesus name changes Everything!

~Pray without Ceasing~

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Postcards to Heaven Post

I imagine that you are very good at carrying on conversations with seven-year-olds, for I know that you heard me crying out to something bigger and stronger than me from within that darkness then.

I know my cry went way up high because before I knew it, Light was knocking at the door, and it smiled at me. It courageously asked for me by name, and without hesitation I was handed over to the Savior.

I learned songs about you, and watched as others hugged, worshipped, and loved genuinely. For a while, I found I had to return into the darkness, only that I might remember meeting You, that as but a few years passed on, I find I have a voice lifted to You on my knees.

Yet, for just a little while longer, darkness wrestles me still but only to find Light once again.

This time You didn’t knock on a physical door, but You gently, and profoundly called me out by heart. You called me to get up, to move and not look back.


I obeyed.


How or what are the words to describe my encounter with You!

I will say You caught me quicker than I could fall…. held me steadier than any false foundations and have shown me more kindness and love than being wrapped in the arms of a birth mother.


You are Master, Lord, Savior and King Jesus!



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